39 Creative DIY Indoor Garden Ideas To Freshen Your Home Interior

Plants bring life and color to your space. That is why, having an indoor plant is something that you need to consider. And plus, it require little in the way of maintenance. Keep reading if you are interested on having an indoor garden.

When deciding to have an indoor plant, consider to look for the best place for each plant and don’t be afraid to try different locations until you find the best spot for the plant. Mostly, he ideal spot is in front of a large window facing east or west, filtered if necessary through a net scrim curtain. If you have a plant that thrives on lots of sun, place it on a windowsill facing north or north-east and check the soil moisture levels regularly and inspect the leaves to check they are not being burned. And now, check out these 39 creative DIY indoor garden ideas to freshen your home interior below to inspire your own.

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