29 Ways to Create a Welcoming Summer Entryway To Inspire

A great way to downshift from a busy day or week is by coming home to a fresh, inspiring entryway with signs of summer on display. So let’s embrace that easy, summery feeling by making a summer-themed entryway. When you walk in the door, the first thing you would love to see is an object that represent the essence of summer. So try to prop up a vintage seaside painting to your entryway.

Another great way to create a summer entryway is by keeping some summer essentials on display: raw of straw hat, colorful beach towels, and many more. Summer is all about taking it easy, so why not make things simpler and easier for yourself by doing away with excess stuff? A small tray for mail, some hidden storage and a few carefully chosen decorative accessories are all you need in your entryway. See more ways to create a welcoming summer entryway to inspire you below.

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