8 Projects Winter Fireplace Ideas for Living Room

Winter is coming! it’s cold outside, are you lucky enough to have a living room with fireplace? Do you have the desire to decorate it for winter season? If you’re already dying with these winter fireplaces ideas for your living room, then you have no idea what’s about to hit you! Let these 8 project winter fireplace for living room ideas that we have collected inspire you!

1. Classic Stone Fireplace Remodeling

This fireplace idea will give both modern and classic vibes to your house. It’s the perfect fireplace for winter season as it has glass door panel for extra security and warmth. You can place fluffy couches and pillows next to the fireplace without any worry. If you’re someone who enjoys winter style, with it’s marble stone look, this one is perfect for you.


2. White Modern Mable Fireplace

With its sleek and sophisticated look, this fireplace is perfect for those whose homes are designed with modern and advanced touches. Black panel glass fireplace combined with brick stone framework and white pillars of structure would surely beautify your house. What’s more, you can even use the structure’s surface for extra storage.


3. White Brick Farmhouse Style Fireplace Idea

Decorated with garlands made out of dried twigs and leaves, this black and white brick fireplace might be the perfect traditional warmer for your house during the winter – if you have a house with an old barn style that is. Though it doesn’t have any glass door panel to keep the fire on bay, it really is just part of its charm!


4. White Brick Fireplace with Clear Glass Vessels

Much like most fireplaces we’ve talked about in this article, this fireplace also has the modern vibe to it. Combining white worn out brick looks and black glass panels, its clash is what makes it charming. This fireplace idea is especially perfect for those who want modernity but also minimalism as it’s not as grand as your average modern fireplaces.


5. Classic Farmhouse Fireplace Idea

If you’re someone who enjoys the farmhouse style, this fireplace arrangement is an absolute must see. With its old worn out brick looks, this fireplace could be the one you’ve been looking for. Though it does have a modern touch with its protective glass panel, the old look of the bricks just outweighs any hint of modern vibe in it. Put wooden logs with birch logs in it and you’re all set!


6. White Farmhouse Home Fireplace Idea

If you’re someone who lives in a farmhouse home dominated with the color of white, you’re gonna love this fireplace. Combining the old rusty look of wooden signs and boards, this fireplace has a small storage compared to most fireplaces out there. However, it adds up to the lovely look that its going for!


7. Stunning Fireplace With Granite Bricks

In this article, we’ve covered many fireplaces made out of white bricks. Now it’s time to talk about the granite bricks as well! Granite bricks are not usually the first choice for most fireplaces due to its color. Unless you have house furniture with the same colour, the fireplace is gonna stick out and looks out of place. But if you like soft pastel colors as opposed to the usual white, then go for it!


8. Painted Mountain Stone Fireplace

We’ve covered fireplaces made out of bricks, so now it’s time to blow your mind! This fireplace looks like its made out of big mountain stones stacked up together. In reality though, it’s just blocks of cement carved to look like stones. Painted with bone white color, this fireplace gives your house that nature and outdoorsy vibe. There’s even an extra benches on the fireplace if you want to get even warmer from the fire!


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