8 Easy DIY Front Yard Projects which Covers All Spring Need

Spring requires lots of things, for sure! Especially, since this season will be the best time of the year to display your garden. In order to have magnificent garden, you can do some DIY projects to prepare for the best display. Lack of free time? Don’t worry, because this 8 easy DIY front yard projects will covers all spring need!

1. Use A Lot of Bushes

With using a lot of bushes, you can make your garden merrier. Play with colors and layers. You may use more than one kind of flowers in your garden. And with layers, you can get different shadows and nuance from your front yard!


2. Garden Block from Stone and Pebbles

Using stones, even the smalls one can make your garden become tidier than ever. While waiting for your flowers and plants to grow, you can make small garden blocks. To suppress your budget, make it from the combination of stones and pebbles. The versatility of pebbles makes it easy for you to make any patterns from it.


3. Simple Stone Pathway

Just one little touch, like this stone pathway, can make your garden be a different one. Because of spring, you can make any path that you want. You can even make the branch paths from simple stone. If you want to make it simple and clean, use one tone for the pathways!


4. Garden Bed in Front Yard

Nowadays, garden bed can be a solution if you don’t want too much hassle. By using a garden bed, you can limit the size of your front yard garden. So, you won’t have to worry about the unpredictable expansion. By using garden bed, you can predict the growth of flowers and plants in your garden!


5. Flowers in Fence

Some of the easiest way to decor your front yard, is using the fence for vertical gardening. Not only saving space, your fence also an be the best place to display your best spring flowers. It’s better to use white or one tone fence. After that, you can decorate it with plentiful flowers from various colors.


6. Using Contrast for Fresh-Looking Garden

Even when you don’t have a nice stone pathway or solid fence, you can already modify your front yard with color. Choose plants or flowers with complimentary colors. Remember that you don’t have to really use too much flowers. Just use flower that has contrasting or complimentary color for a nice decoration.


7. One Tone Pathways

Actually, the simplest way to light up and decorate your front yard is using some lighting. It can light the pathway in the dark. And it will shine beautifully during the clear nights. Other than that, it would be better if you have guest at night.


8. DIY Mailbox

People are not using mailbox nowadays. But it could be a nice touch for your garden! Just use used woods or old parts from your trash. Then furnish and polish it. Your garden will be as nice as ever!


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