8 Best Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas that are Perfect for Spring

Everyone loves to have a beautiful front yard landscaping with edge grass. Relaxing time while sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying the green view is such a nice moment to have. Just make this idea to be real in this season by designing and creating modern front yard landscaping. The reference ideas you can get in the following.

1. Front Yard with Sofa

For the first idea, you are suggest to provide grey sofa to create a modern front yard look. Some plants and vines will be nice to combine with white pebbles there. Surely, the green grass edge is important to result a nice view as well.


2. Front Yard with Natural Stone

For friendly environment, you need to apply the stone only as needed in some ground space. It aims to water absorption of the ground itself. In this case, the stone functions to make the yard has a modern look.


3. Front Yard with Wide Paving Block

To create an impression of modern entrance on the front yard, a simple design is fine. Combination of wide paving block with plants is suitable for spacious yard.


4. Front Yard with Natural Stone Pathway

The most of people agree that front yard landscaping will need grass and decorative plants. To make it perfect, natural stone pathway really supports the entrance look.


5. Front Yard with Decorative Plant and LED Light

Another way to have a modern yard landscaping is the addition of LED light. Simply, install it on the decorative plant that surrounded by white pebbles.Then it will amaze everyone who comes to your house.


6. Front Yard with Fireplace and Bamboo Plants

The existence of a fireplace is a timeless thing to have. Even you can place it in the front yard with a modern look. To complete it, bamboo plants are also nice to have.


7. Front Yard with Concrete Block

Modern front yard landscaping is also can be made by using concrete block and decorative plants. This idea is simple and low maintenance.


8. Front Yard with a Circular Design

Frame the front yard landscaping with brick and pebbles is very nice. Combine it with brick pathway to have a stylish entrance of your house.


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