8 Way To DIY Indoor Planter Ideas To Inspire

Making indoor planter seems difficult at the first glance. But, actually there are lots of designs that’s doable for amateur. Even better, this 8 DIY indoor planter ideas to inspire you is actually quite simple to make. Now, you don’t have any excuses left for not making your own planter!

1. Multi-Level Planter

Multi level planter like this is actually saving space in your house. Yet, it still gives you the right amount of aesthetic you need. That’s why, one of the easiest way to do it is getting yourself a vertical planter like this. Its solid frame will be the perfect base to place your potted plants!


2. Round Shape Indoor Planter

The main feature of this planter, of course, its shape! People will be taken by its design, since it offers the symmetrical aesthetic and fresh idea into your living room. But, the dual color or yin-yang effect also contributes to its eye-catching design. This design is pretty easy to do, as it doesn’t have much materials to begin with.


3. Eco-Friendly Indoor Planter

Nowadays, the ethic and/or vintage designs are back! That’s why, it’s not surprising anymore to see indoor planter like this. With thick rope as hanger along with the wooden bar, this kind of indoor planter will make your room prettier. Not only strong, but rope is easy to find and strong as well. Make it a suitable holder for your cute potted plants.


4. Vertical Wooden Planter

Growing your plants vertically now becomes a solution for the lack of space in urban area. It’s a practical and doable solution for those who have limited space. It’s practical and you can treat your plants as a living painting. Other than its artistic elements, growing plants like this is similar to grow it horizontally, albeit with different… angle.


5. Small Pots from Used Glass Bottles

You don’t have to make the planter from zero, actually. Even with some used items in your household, you can still make pretty planters. These glass jars or bottles are the solid proof of it. Surely, you need to wash it thoroughly and tear the label. But, after that, you will get an easy indoor planter for future use!


6. Simple DIY Indoor Planter

Perhaps, this is the simplest indoor planter design. Using the exact calculation and little bit of patience, you can make this planter by yourself! The best thing, is that it looks neat, even without much paint. All you have to do is to cut it tidily!


7. Planter From Used Pipes

It’s more like pot holder, rather than planter, actually. But, isn’t it cute and easy? You only need one sole material to make this: used pipes. Even better, you don’t need to worry about the pipe material, as the paint will take care of it. You can even make a fake brass pipe, using the right paint color!


8. Hanging Wire Container

This is another easy-to-make planter! Or, practical container, to be exact. To make this, you only need some thick wire and you’ll be good. It is a utilitarian furniture, as well. Because, when you don’t have much plants to grow indoor, you can use it for another stuff.


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