21 Creative Small Rock Gardens Ideas for Summer

Rock garden is getting more and more popular nowadays. These gardens look great as the landscape in an open space. And plus, it serve a purely aesthetic purpose, too. So, are you interested in having one yourself?

There are many things to consider when deciding to go on with rock garden. Consider the plants that you want to add, the locations, the feel of your garden, and not to mention, the size of your garden space. Already fall in love with rock garden but you only have small space? Worry not, we’ll make your dream came true! Scroll down to get some inspirations!

Three Center Boulders
Stones In Equilibrium
Small Japanese Zen Rock Garden
Rock Garden With Buddha Statue
Rock Dike Pond
Garden Pond With Rocks
Flat Bush Rock Garden


Small Oriental Rock Garden
Rockery Garden
Mediterranean Dry Garden
Green Bush On White Rock
Rock Garden With Cactus Plants
A Small Rockery For The Front Of The House
Alpine Garden With Bridge And Small Water Pond


Small Stone Fountain
Small Stone Garden With A Few Tiny Plants
A Plant-less Rock Garden
Rock Gardens Are Perfect For Lining Paths And Walkways
Build Layers Of Texture And Color You Can Use Contrasting Stones
Small Stones Make A Great Bed For A Garden
Rock Garden With Small Pond


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