8 Creative Small Garden Ideas for Summer

As we all know, during summer, there are so many things to do in the garden. But worry not, with a bit of planning, having a nice summer garden is possible. Still unsure on what to do with your small garden? Scroll down! We’ve got these 8 creative small summer garden ideas below to inspire you.

1. Paint Your Furniture In Bright Colors

Give your garden a summer vibe by painting the furniture with colorful hues such as orange, hot pink or even bright aqua. A mixture of colors, plus a natural wood finish, creates a relaxed feel to your small garden. source

2. Make A Small Space Fabulous

Who says that your small garden can’t look fabulous? In fact, you can still create a fabulous garden even if you only have small space. Add some potted plants for color and greenery and, if possible, squeeze in a few flowerbeds and voila! A fabulous small garden is in your hand. source

3. Fairy Garden

Fairy garden is never go wrong! Beside its is unique, this idea is one of the best solution for many homeowner who only have a small garden space. source

4. Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is highly efficient method for your small garden. The method is dividing raised beds into a grid. Super easy but effective! source

5. Plant Dwarf Trees

Many ornamental or dwarf tree varieties can handle tiny spaces. Crowd-pleasers like dogwoods, camellias, crepe myrtle, and crabapples offer both flowers and foliage too. That is why, it is perfect for small garden. source

6. Companion Planting

Placing your flowers and vegetables together in the same beds can save your garden space, and plus, it will help boost your yield and keep plants happy by attracting more pollinators. source

7. Vertical Planter

Vertical garden take up less surface area than multiple pots on the ground would. And also, it can be as a privacy fence, too! source

8. Window Boxes

Plant some annuals such as geraniums, marigolds, wax begonias, coleus, scarlet sage, and flowering tobacco for your window box. Soon, you can see a gorgeous and colorful plantation from your window! source

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