If you think that you can’t do much with a small garden, then you are wrong. There are countless amazing design ideas that can turn any small garden into an excellent garden paradise. Small gardens may require a little more thought than larger spaces. But again, the smaller scale does not mean that the garden is without interest or variety.

A walkway or a pathway is more than just a passage from one area to the next. It provides a break in the landscape and divides the garden, especially when you put it on your front yard. A well-planned front yard pathway is like beauty addition that you can enjoy from both inside the home and from the road. Besides that, it also would appear more inviting.

Landscape of your front yard is more than just carelessly placed trees and shrubs. Landscaping you front yard surely requires careful thought, planning, research, and of course hard work. A well-designed front yard can boosts curb appeal. Besides that, it may also increase your pleasure from it.

Spring is filled with gorgeous flowers and fresh greens all around us, accompanied by lovely weathers and winds. These are the reasons why we always love Spring. They make us willing to spend a relaxing evening outside the house. You can make it happen with a bit touch on your porch!

Spring is in the air! Everyone can’t wait to start planting and decorating for warmer weather. You should never forget your outdoor space. This because it also needs to be decorated to welcome the season.

You probably already know that there are tons of ways to create homes for our plants. Whether display them on space-saving ladder plant stands or stick them in tiny terrarium, you name it! If you’re tight on space, especially outdoor space, indoor plants are a great option for you. But, if your floor and tabletops are fully filled, your ceiling space has potential that you can take advantage of.

Herbs are needed for every garden. Sometimes you only need a few sprigs or leaves to contribute bags of flavor. Even simple herbs can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Herbs gardens are designed to fit any styles, shapes, or sizes.

It is the time to spice up your garden with your own decorations, especially when the first rays of sunshine which is the sign of gardening season. When the time is come, you probably thinking to add charm to your garden. But it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are plenty of things that will beautify your garden without have spend a lot of money, you can DIY it!

Do you want to grow herbs all year long? You can do it in your garden using hanging garden. Hanging garden is essential in a home, from supply when need herbs for cooking to beautifies your home. All of that can be achieved with hanging garden.

Are you looking for inspiration for your courtyard design? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you have small yard, you still can have a nice, modern, and comfortable space to enjoy your free time. Landscaped garden that’s beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing is not only intended for large space.